8 Free or Affordable Digital Advertising Strategies That You Can Use

Marish Binuya Cheong

Editor with Genesis Global Singapore, revising and reviewing contents to improve viewers readability including content creation for publications.

Do you really need a million-dollar budget to build your business presence? The topic of marketing and advertising may be overwhelming when you’re a start-up. Truth is, affordable digital advertising strategies are easily available. 

Here are 8 ways you can build your digital marketing presence with little to no cost at all.

Social Media Platforms

Today, this form of digital marketing is the most convenient way of reaching out to your audiences. Social Media pages allow you to communicate directly with your potential customers and followers. Satisfied consumers also have a place to share their positive reviews. Focus on building a base of happy consumers and Facebook and Instagram and they will help your business grow online.

Digital Advertising Strategies - Social Media

Create a Facebook group

Different from a Facebook page, Facebook groups build a community of like-minded people looking to exchange ideas and contents. Create a Facebook group that focuses on a topic or a theme your target audience will yearn for. Do not centre it around your business. For example, a beautician could create a group titled “DIY Beauty products using natural ingredients”.

Build your company website

Every business needs a website to fight SEO competition online. The absence of a website will appear as unprofessional and make it harder to be visible. Some firms provide DIY website services that charge as low as SGD$2.99/month. Definitely a much needed and affordable digital advertising strategy for every business.

Spread knowledge

Sharing educational contents will help to build trust between you and your followers. Overtime, this will value-add your brand and become a trusted expert in your industry.

Email Marketing

It may be traditional but it is still one of the most used and effective ways of affordable digital advertising strategies. Start by offering interesting content for them to consume and want more. Giving out genuine value will encourage them to provide their email address. Sites like Mailchimp allows you to collate these email addresses and create email marketing campaigns for free.

Remember to give your subscribers to an option to unsubscribe from your list at any time if they want to.

Create a Google My Business account

Appear in your local business listings by setting up a Google My Business account. This form of online marketing will push your website position up to the front page of the search engine. Not just that, it also appears on Google Maps and Google+, boosting your online presence.

Video Marketing

Videos are an effective way of capturing attention. Produce captivating videos and post them on platforms such as Youtube and social media pages for free. This may help to increase your online traffic to your brand and website. Definitely a huge digital advertising strategy! Be sure to upload more than one video to maximise your exposure.


Creating your own infographics can be easy and cheap to do with services like Infogram. It is a great way of gaining back-links to your website.

However, consistent time needs to be dedicated to build content in order to see tangible results. Not all digital marketing agencies charge exorbitantly. Engaging the right digital marketing firm not only saves you from wrecking your brains, it can help free up your time to what truly matters more in developing your business. 

In 2020, digital advertising strategies are moving towards practicality. 

What are some of the free or affordable digital marketing strategies you will use to market your business?