Our Core Team

Digital Marketing Agency

You want to know: what makes a successful marketing campaign?

Many marketing companies only focus on the online approach, but here at Genesis Global, we believe in the brilliant combination of both online and offline strategies – the best of both worlds.

Picture this – would you rather have one 5-star employee working for you, or would you rather have 100 really good employees instead?

If you believe in the power of quality strength, then Genesis is what you are looking for.

With an elite team of more than 30 dedicated digital consultant each with a minimum of 3 certifications (specialising in subjects such as content marketing mastery, social media mastery, paid traffic mastery), Genesis has the edge to push your brand, awareness, products and services with speed and aggression.

The concept of using digital consultant to promote offline campaigns, complimenting our online efforts will be the major game changer in the near future.