“You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build your business“

– Zig Ziglar

At Genesis Global, we believe in providing a platform for our digital consultant and partners to grow as valued individuals of the community.

With events ranging from business workshops to charities for a cause, join us as we nurture both heart and mind in our journey!

26/10/2019 - Coffee Anyone?

Genesis Global is proud to be a strategic partner with Vmore Xpress (VX) vending systems. 

During the last quarter of 2019, we organized events to the public to share  how they should understand the change in traditional retail marketing, and how they can benefit from this wave of unmanned kiosk deployment.

Guests were not only greeted by the rich knowledge behind the ever-growing coffee industry, they were given free tastings of premium, freshly brewed coffee. There was also a live demonstration on brewing a nice cuppa ☕️. 

Join us for more events in future as we work closely with industrial leaders to spot new trends!

12/10/2019 - Digital Disruption Live

On this day, many big names in the  digital area shared their insights on the impact of Digital disruption and its impact on businesses.

Hundreds of guests listened in as our charismatic speakers covered topics such as email marketing to lead funneling. Guest are taught the secret sauce of making money online in the comfort of their homes.

One of the renowned speaker, #1 seller on Amazon, is none other than the Legendary email kingpin, Matt Bacak. He has helped over 500,000 clients to unlock the secrets to online marketing. 

Thank you our partner V-MORE for organizing such a wonderful event for everyone!

15/09/2019 - CPR & AED Workshop

Every day, there is an estimated 200 related deaths caused by cardiac arrest.

With this alarming figure, it is critical that we are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to provide any potentially life-saving assistance.

Through this important course, our participants were trained in both CPR & AED, becoming readily available to take the immediate actions required to save the lives at stake.

It has been an insightful and hands-on workshop for all of us.
Do join us as we conduct more of such events in the future!

07/09/2019 - Blue Star Charity Walk

A group of us took part in a 5km charity walk and it was definitely a meaningful morning.

The Blue Star Charity Walk 19 is organized in hope to raise awareness and provide support for the Red Cross Home for the Disabled (RCHD). The RCHD is home to over 90 residents, many of them whom require 24-hour care.

Genesis is proud to have participated in the walk with some friends! A well-spent morning indeed!

So when was the last time you’ve participated or volunteered for charity?

25/08/2019 - Social Media Content Creation Workshop

The number of social media users has been increasing over the years and is projected to continue increase in the future.

With the figures in mind, it shows that there is a big market for many businesses and entrepreneurs to capitalize on.

Leveraging on social media is the way to go but how do we go about doing it?

We are honoured to have invited local influencer, Yi Xin, to conduct a Social Media and Content Creation Workshop for us to know how to leverage on social media and benefit from it.

Indeed an insightful event!

21/07/2019 - V-More Express Launch

Exciting times are coming!

Last Sunday, some 400 guests were treated to the bedazzling launch of V-More Xpress program.

This promises to open up many new opportunities.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as they step foot into new emerging markets!

16/06/2019 - Rice Donation Day by Lotus Light Charity Society

On a sunny day in June, Genesis Global had the pleasure to be a part of the annual Rice Donation Day organised by Lotus Light Charity Society (Singapore), where more than 35,000kg of rice was distributed and given to at least 4000 seniors and less fortunate recipients.

Volunteers not only mingled with the seniors, but also selflessly carried the seemingly endless stacks of rice by hand, helping to ensure everything was smoothly delivered to their various locations.

Thank you Pioneer Generation for your invaluable contribution to our Nation! Join us next time for more meaningful events!