Genesis Global believe that unity is strengthDO YOU BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF STRENGTH?

Genesis Global does. There have been countless success stories, but none as stark as Michael Jordan’s.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

He became a champion not as a powerful individual, but because he had a great organisation that is able to build a great team around him, a coach that can draft up great strategy and teammates that always put in their best when they are on court.
Genesis Global believes in harnessing the strength of unity and leveraging in it.

Genesis Global Brand Photo

We came from diverse backgrounds like medical, accounting, F&B, education, manufacturing and many more. When you zoom in and take a deeper look on our hobbies, education background and career, you can hardly find any similarities between us except one.


Genesis Global is a group of individuals that are distinctively resilient and have great desire to better ourselves. Yes, we know that working hard is not the only element to success, but we strongly believe that hard work is the key to all successes.

To build a dynamic organisation that constantly improves from within.


Genesis Global Believe in community building


That is how Genesis Global started off. A group of misfits that came together and created this vision.

Our Vision: To connect businesses to practical solutions and help them make a positive impact.

We want to build a community that has an ecosystem that any business can leverage on to grow their revenue. From where we stand, our strategic partners in Malaysia and Indonesia synergistically grow the community together.


Genesis Global Is A Specialised Digital Marketing Agency


One of the key trends at present is to equip every business with a working digital marketing strategy that can help them expand their business and leapfrog into the regional or even global scene. Many businesses have phenomenal ideas, led by the most dynamic individuals, yet they do not have the right knowledge to build their marketing strategies.

We asked ourselves, what if we can provide a hassle and fuss-free strategy, tailor-made for businesses?
Genesis global pride ourselves as the leading digital marketing agency Singapore.

“To make great marketing accessible to all”

In order for Genesis Global to provide the best quality service, our digital marketing agency have to ensure all of our consultants are equipped with the best knowledge by undergoing accredited digital marketing courses and have themselves certified, to ensure consistency in our quality and work.
In conclusion, if you share the same vision and values as Genesis Global, let’s blaze the trail, and achieve greater heights together!

“To connect businesses to practical solutions”



To connect businesses to practical solutions and help them make a positive impact.


To make great marketing strategies accessible to all.
To build a dynamic organisation that constantly improves from within.



We are honest, ethical, hardworking and always seek to put others first, building a positive family spirit, yet having fun at the same time.


We believe in building an ecosystem that provides business with ready made solutions for them to leapfrog into global scene.


We are entrepreneurial and we use our drive and commitment to engage and inspire others to reach beyond boundaries and always challenging status quo.